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Actually Understanding and Preventing Harassment in our Workplace

Onboarding Deliverables

To start customizing your course, Actually Understanding and Preventing Harassment in our Workplace, we’ll need to collect the following information from you. We need at least one week to customize your site after uploading the last item. If there are items you do not have documented, we can schedule a call to discuss them.

The Build Equipment and Scheudle

OrganizainalLeade' W

Organizational Leader's Welcome Message

Organizational Mission, Vision, and Values

Localized Harassment Scenerios

Your Logo

Harassment Reporting Policy & Tools

Organizatioal MVV
Localized Harassment Scenerios

A video-recorded organizational welcome message. The goal is to convey to your workforce why this training is essential for your organization. I’ve attached our Client Welcome Packet to provide you with some sample scripting language and technical guidelines/assistance. Feel free to use all, none, or some of it and customize your welcome message as much as you feel is appropriate. Your message should only be 2-3 minutes long. Of course, we are also available to provide any additional assistance you need along the way. Here is a sample script, technical guidelines, and more information.

Our training content will align to your mission, vision, and values in ways that reinforce both the importance of your mission, vision, and values and the importance of the training.

Two to three examples of harassment/sexual harassment scenarios localized to your organization. Consider anonymizing situations that have actually occurred in your workforce. You will find some samples here.

Your logo. A high-resolution .png file is best

Yor Logo

Your Harassment Reporting Policy and any supplemental reporting information, including stipulated consequences for failure to report. This may be built into your anti-harassment policy. 

Organizational Leader's Welcome Message
Harassment Reporting Policy & Tools
Harassmet Policy

Harassment Policy

Your Harassment Policy.  If you don't have one, our sister organization can help with that.  

Roster of Emploees

Roster of Attendees

A roster of domestic employees who will take your training. Here is a downloadable template.

Lynch Learning needs 5-10 Working Days  to Customize Your Training Before Employee Launch.

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