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  • Does your training work?
    This training is built with input from subject matter experts and adult learning experts. We accommodate the various learning styles of modern adults to reinforce the learning in effective ways. The Lightning Learning subsequently reinforce the education for an entire year. It works.
  • Can enterprise companies use your product!
    Yes, of course. Please contact us and let us know how many distinct business units you have and approximately how many employees are in each line of business.
  • Are there discounts?
    Lynch Learning does not offer discounts and it is very important that both parties are comfortable with the investment that is made in your anti-harassment training.
  • Will your training keep us out of trouble.
    Maybe. There are no ways to predict all the ways that bad actors may act. Our training is responsive to judicial and governmental expectations in ways that keep up with the historic and current trends in harassment. It is not possible to be more educational on these topics and so it gives what employers are expected to provide to keep their workforces safe.
  • Can you explain the Pricing?
    Many programs have a customization fee and per-seat fee. For example, the customization is exactly what makes our training complaint and there is a fee related to adding your mission-critical information.
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