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Compliance Training Solidifies a Good Culture

Updated: May 4, 2023

Hi, I am Dr. Lindsey Lee, and I co-founded Lynch Learning with my business partner Natalie Lynch. It's my belief that training is an essential component to establishing a solid foundation of compliance in your work environment. We find that our clients who are constantly in crisis mode who find themselves reacting more than preventing and being proactive have not given themselves the opportunity to establish that solid foundation of compliance. And what we like to help our clients do is stop putting out day-to-day fires, and instead put in systems and process and tools that actually allow you to get ahead of problems before there are ever problems in your work environment. And that is maybe more true than anything else as it relates to harassment or anti-harassment training. Anti-harassment training gives you your early warning system that you need in order to make sure that problems, if they exist, when they exist, because that's inevitable in business, when those problems exist, you'll become aware of them early so that they don't blow up into unmanageable and even more difficult and costly problems for you to solve. So we view training as a low investment way to establish that solid foundation of compliance so that you can be on the prevention end rather than the reaction end. And you can stop spending your time putting out the day-to-day fires.

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