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Requirements for Annual Anti-Harassment Training

My name is Natalie Lynch and Dr. Lindsey Lee and I co-founded Lynch Learning. I wanted to talk for just a minute about the expectations that judges and agencies have for anti-harassment training. So you should, of course, consult local attorneys about any local rules, but generally speaking, agencies and judges in most of the states expect a good handful of the same things. They expect an investment by the leadership of the organization in the training. They expect the policy that the workplace actually uses to be explained in the training. They wanna see the industry examples from the industry that the employer works in are used to explain the anti-harassment training. They wanna see that the reporting method that that employer uses is explained in the training and they wanna see that there is some articulation of what employees should and should not do if they observe harassment in the workplace rolled out in that anti-harassment training. The last thing that they always wanna see is that the training was actually educational and the way Lynch Learning does that is by hitting all the various known kinds of adult learning styles, as well as reinforcing with weekly lightning learnings so that there are micro reinforcement of expectations of the education that also reinforce how to report and what to report once a week for an entire year. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about any of that and we hope to hear from you and work with you soon. Thank you.

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