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Lightening Learnings Reinforce according to Adult Learning Methods

My name is Natalie Lynch, and together with Dr. Lindsey Lee, I co-created Lynch Learning, and I wanted to talk for just a minute about the lightning learnings. So the lightning learnings are 52 emails that come once a week for an employee after they've taken the anti-harassment training through your organization. And those are important for a handful of reasons. First of all, we know that adults learn through micro reinforcements. It's why people educate themselves through social media lately. You get things in little chunks regularly and it helps reinforce your understanding of a concept. And so 52 additional advanced education points on the training is exactly how your workforce will learn the advanced components or the advanced concepts of anti-harassment. It's also a bit of culture reinforcement. So some of the things that get discussed in those lightning learnings are things like how to manage your own behavior or how to deal with conflict as it relates to anti-harassment concepts. But the other thing that I know the compliance geeks will love is that in addition to the bespoke training that talked about how to report, and where to report and what the policy was, and how important it is to report, those concepts also get reinforced in a documented way 52 additional times. Because every time there's an email that goes out with an advanced concept, it also includes a reminder about how to report concerns about harassment in the workforce. So that's the concept of lightning learnings. That's why I know the education people love it. That's why I know the compliance people love it. If you have any questions about it, please reach out to us. We love talking about our lightning learnings and I hope to see you on our platform very, very soon. Thanks. Bye.

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