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"Things Here are Fine" and Other Resistance to Training

My name is Natalie Lynch, and together with Dr. Lindsay Lee I co-founded Lynch Learning. And I wanted to talk about internally selling to leadership that believes in the good old days, or thinks there is no harassment in our workforce to be training about. Some of the things that are important to focus on are that those leaders get to continue to lead the way they want if they do anti-harassment training. Because harassment is in the mind of the reporting party or the person complaining, the employee that's disgruntled, not in the mind of the leader. And without having done the routine and industry standard scaffolding around training, you don't get to go to court or an agency and say "that person was wrong." If you can't say "we did the training," if you can't say "we did the prevention," you don't get to say "we didn't do it." And so if those leaders are right that you don't have harassment in your training, or that the good old days were the best way to run, then the most important thing to do is to do the preventative steps to make sure that you get to continue that culture in your workplace. So I hope those are a couple good tips to selling to the people that don't think training is necessary, and I really, really hope to see you on our platform very soon. Thanks. Bye.

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