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No Budget No Crime: How to Afford Anti-Harassment Training

My name is Natalie Lynch, and together with Dr. Lindsay Lee, I co-founded Lynch Learning. And I wanted to talk about the struggle with buying annual anti-harassment training that wasn't budgeted for. It can be super important to focus on your priorities and so, if you can focus on shifting your expenditure away from HR distractions, away from hiring distractions, away from more expensive EPL insurance, away from quiet quitting or healthcare costs or legal spend, it's often much, much more affordable to buy anti-harassment training annually, than it is to invest in the cancer that harassment in the workplace causes, because I would bet that you also don't have a budget line for litigation related to harassment in the workforce. So, thinking about where you find your budget for anti-harassment training can be a bit like turning a coin on its head, but I assure you, it is far more efficient to do the training, than it is to fight about why you didn't do the training. I hope to see you on our platform very soon. Thank you.

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