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Our Unique Company Cannot Use Online Training

My name is Natalie Lynch, and together with Dr. Lindsey Lee, I co-created Lynch Learning. And I wanted to talk about the idea that online training isn't good enough for your company because your company is unique. At Lynch learning, we totally agree that your company is unique, and that's exactly why we don't think you should buy off-the-shelf internet training. Our training incorporates your leader's messaging, your culture, your policy, your reporting tools, your industry examples. So we agree that your company is unique and we agree that you deserve a product that's unique. The other alternative, of course, is to hire a personal trainer to come out to your organization, teach to your culture, do all those things, but that's generally $10,000 or more. And sometimes that's just not affordable for an organization. So I'm happy to do that for you. But in the alternative, I'd love to see you on our Lynch Learning platform that incorporates your leadership's message and the culture of your organization in a way that brings compliance to your culture. Thank you very much, bye.

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