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Quality Compliance Training bolsters your Career Trajectory

Updated: May 4, 2023

Hi, I am Dr. Lindsey Lee and I co-founded Lynch Learning with my partner Natalie Lynch and I wanna discuss a little bit about how establishing an anti-harassment training program and compliance training, more broadly, in your organization helps further your own credibility as a professional in your organization, whether you are a human resources professional, you're an operations leader, you are in the legal department, wherever you sit in your organization, to the extent that you have responsibility for the implementation of compliance in your organization, utilizing an anti-harassment training program like ours at Lynch Learning will go a long way toward you establishing credibility in your organization. First and foremost, it establishes you as a trusted individual and fosters goodwill among your employees. It also, in addition, gives you the ability to be action-oriented. So many times at work, we are in situations in which we are waiting for others, for decisions to be made, circumstances beyond our control and implementing anti-harassment training like that which we offer at Lynch Learning will enable you to be proactive and be action-oriented toward meeting your compliance goals and your compliance requirements. In addition, the training that we provide gives you the documentation needed to demonstrate the mitigation steps that you took in the event that you end up with a complaint with an EEOC claim, with lawsuits potentially and this program, when conducted on an annual basis, will help you demonstrate that you have taken harassment and maintaining a harassment-free environment very seriously and you have expectations of your employees in that regard. So lastly, this kind of program helps you ultimately protect your organization in many ways. It protects your good culture, it protects your bottom line and it protects your reputation as a leader in your organization.

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