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Why Is It Good To Do Annual Harassment Training In The Workplace?

Harassment in the workplace is a serious problem that can have long-lasting and far-reaching effects on employees, co-workers, and organizations as a whole.

Employers need to ensure that their work environment remains safe and respectful by implementing proper harassment training policies and procedures. Doing annual harassment training is an effective way to keep everyone up to date on the latest laws and regulations related to harassment in the workplace and help prevent any issues from arising.

In this article, we will explore why it is good to do annual harassment training in the workplace, including how it helps promote compliance with legal requirements, creates an open dialogue about acceptable behavior, encourages respect among colleagues, and more.

Benefits of Annual Harassment Training

Malice is not always the intention of those that are unaware of other people's boundaries. The same goes for workplace harassment; in many cases, it is simply a result of not knowing what is and isn’t acceptable behavior. With an annual harassment training program in place, employers can ensure that all of their employees are aware of the policies and procedures that exist to protect everyone in the workplace.

Law Compliance

One of the primary reasons why it is important to do annual harassment training in the workplace is to ensure compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. For example, certain states require employers to provide their employees with sexual harassment prevention training which must be updated regularly.

If a workplace is not in compliance with the law, they risk potential fines and other penalties. In addition to legal compliance, annual harassment training can help employers maintain good standing with any professional certifications or accreditations they may hold. To explain, some organizations require employers to have a certain level of training to maintain their certification or accreditation. This can be especially important for roles where interactions with clients are common, such as sales or customer service.

The dynamic between co-workers is complicated and constantly changing, so annual harassment training can help ensure that everyone remains aware of the boundaries and expectations. When it comes to legal compliance, having a refresher every year can help make sure that everyone knows the most current laws and regulations related to harassment in the workplace.

Updated Policies and Reminders

In addition, many organizations choose to implement their own policies and procedures related to harassment in the workplace, such as an anti-harassment policy or code of conduct that specifies acceptable behavior. By doing annual harassment training, employers can keep everyone informed about these policies and ensure they are followed properly.

It is also important to note that policies can change from year to year, and annual harassment training provides an opportunity for employers to update their employees on any new or revised policies. This helps keep everyone up to date on the latest regulations and expectations for acceptable behavior in the workplace.

Even if nothing has changed, annual harassment training serves as an effective reminder for employees to keep their behavior in line with the policies and procedures of the organization. Training can be effective, but with new employees entering the workplace, refresher courses are nec