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Why Lightning/Micro Learnings?

Are you in the habit of cramming vast amounts of information into your head at once? If so, get ready to make some changes.

There's now a much better way to learn and retain information: lightning/micro learnings. These short, focused sessions are popping up in classrooms, work environments, and even online courses – for a good reason: Lightning/micro-learnings significantly increase knowledge retention through well-structured lessons!

In this post, we'll explore the power of lightning/microlearning, emphasizing why this form of instruction is becoming increasingly popular with many types of learners.

Definition of Lightning/Micro Learnings

Lightning/Micro Learnings are short and targeted educational sessions or experiences that provide the learner with a focused, bite-sized piece of knowledge. This type of learning is designed to help learners quickly build skills relevant to their needs and interests without having to commit much time.

Micro Learnings can be used in many different contexts, such as training, education, development, and leisure activities. They are often used to supplement more traditional forms of learning and can be tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of a particular topic or skill.

For instance, a company might provide its employees with Micro Learnings covering harassment prevention tactics. This type of learning is effective because it helps learners quickly gain the knowledge they need without spending hours training.

Lightning/Micro Learnings are an excellent way to get up-to-date and relevant knowledge or skills quickly. This type of learning benefits learners who prefer shorter and more focused educational experiences rather than the traditional lengthier formats. Employers can help employees stay on top of industry trends by providing quick, targeted learning and honing essential skills for continued success.

Primary Types of Lightning/Micro-Learning

Lightning/micro-learning is becoming increasingly popular because of its quick, efficient, and convenient delivery of training and education. It's a type of learning that has grown out of the need to promptly and efficiently supply knowledge without consuming excessive amounts of time or resources.

Micro-learning is an ideal way to offer employees short bursts of relevant information that can be used quickly. Let's take a closer look at each type of lightning/microlearning to understand micro-learning better.

Interactive Parallax-Based Scrolling

Interactive Parallax-Based Scrolling is a form of microlearning that combines the traditional scrolling motion used for web pages with interactive content and animation elements. This type of learning offers an immersive experience because users can interact with different elements on the page as they scroll.

The interactive elements range from games to quizzes and simulations. It can even include videos and images, too. Parallax-based scrolling also allows for the page content to move at a different speed than the user is scrolling, which can create an effective and eye-catching effect.

It's a type of learning that can be beneficial for providing learners with information-packed lessons that are easy to digest. Users will feel more engaged in the material with interactive elements and animation. Thus, making it better for them to understand the content. Even more, it can also create interactive stories that bring a topic to life or showcase a product or service.


Videos are the most popular type of lightning/microlearning and for a good reason. They are an effective and efficient way to deliver information quickly, especially in a digital environment. Videos can be entertaining and educational. Thus, making them ideal for short instructional pieces. Many companies use videos to provide employees or customers with training and professional development opportunities.