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Why Use A Speaker With An Accent?

Harassment and discrimination can have devastating impacts in the workplace, so businesses must create a safe and welcoming environment for all employees. While harassment training is an essential tool for addressing potential issues, many companies fall short by overlooking one key piece of their programming: the speaker.

Getting a trainer with an accent can be beneficial in ways beyond just the subject matter when teaching about harassment, creating a more accessible learning experience for everyone involved. This article will take a deep dive into why having a speaker with an accent may be beneficial when conducting Harassment Training.

What is Harassment Training?

Harassment training is a form of education designed to teach employees how to recognize, prevent, and address workplace harassment. It covers various topics such as sexual harassment, discrimination based on race or gender, bullying, and other forms of mistreatment. These training sessions aim to create an environment in which diversity and respect are fostered.

When it comes to harassment training, employers have several options. They can provide in-house training or outsource the task to a third-party vendor. Companies may also opt for an online or interactive approach to covering the material. Whichever route is taken, the topics should be tailored to the organization and its particular needs.

The first step in any harassment training program is to state what behavior is clearly and isn't acceptable in the workplace. This should be included in the employee handbook, communicated throughout the organization, and discussed during meetings.

Once everyone is on the same page, it's time to learn about different types of harassment and how to handle it. This may include defining different forms of discrimination, learning the difference between appropriate and inappropriate conversations, understanding when humor crosses the line, and recognizing signs of workplace bullying.

Benefits of Using a Speaker with an Accent for Harassment Training

Harassment in the workplace is a growing issue, and employers are increasingly turning to harassment training to protect their employees. One of the most effective ways to present the information required by harassment training programs is through an engaging speaker with an accent or foreign language proficiency. Here are some benefits that can be gained from using a speaker with an accent when providing harassment training.

Cultural Sensitivity

Understanding Different Cultures: Using a speaker with an accent for harassment training can help employees better understand different cultures. Having such a speaker can help the trainee become more aware of and sensitive to cultural differences in their workplace, which is essential in eliminating or preventing harassment.

Since language and culture are closely intertwined, hearing someone speak with an accent can help trainees understand the nuances of language and culture that often go unnoticed. This can give the trainee a deeper understanding of different cultures, leading to greater respect for and appreciation of cultural differences.

Promoting Inclusiveness: Promoting inclusiveness is essential in a diverse workplace. By using an individual with an accent, employers can create a more inclusive and understanding environment. This can be especially beneficial in workplaces with many employees from different cultural backgrounds. Having someone speak to the group with an accent recognizes the diversity of the workplace and helps to promote respect for all cultures.